The purpose of this library is to learn Korean for anyone who wants to learn. There is no limitation! It includes flashcards, pictures, videos, documents that can help build vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, expression skills, and so on.

Free Worksheets and Printables for Kids

the missing letter 2.pdf

The missing letter

diagram of letters.pdf

Diagram of the letters

draw the line.pdf

Draw the line

school life 1.pdf

School life (1)

school life 2.pdf

School life (2)

subject 1.pdf

Write the words

getting to the core.pdf

Getting to the core


Fill in the blank


Write the words

identifying object 1.pdf

Identify the objects

identifying object 2.pdf

Color the objects


Write the words



begining letters 1.pdf

Color the letter


Country name

sorting resources 1.pdf

Sort words

bingo game.pdf

Words bingo!

senses match up.pdf

The five senses

things we see 1.pdf

Write in the space

letter mix up 1.pdf

Unscramble the letter

identifying verbs 1.pdf

Learning verbs

word game 1.pdf

Drawing a line

missing letter 1.pdf

Fill in the blank

Day of the week.pdf

Day of the week

Learning Korean through the Bible

God made it.pdf

God made it

For everyone who.pdf

Knock the door

Joshua 1.pdf

Book of the law

coming soon more ...

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